SR500 shimano 105 | Team Kanin-dale

About This Bike

I am into cannondales and I have 3 road bikes before getting my hands on this one. This is for my eroica california ride event. When I saw this from a local listing and it was my size, I bought it immediately. All the parts were original and shut except for the tire and pedal. I was lucky that after cleaning and tuning, everything was working. I am now in the hunt for the original 105 strap pedal and panaracer tires to build this to specs. I love all the scratches and dings on the frame. It tells a story about it's almost 30 year life. I have a thing for black forks and red and black tapes so I just have to do it. It's a heavy bike but very smooth and comfy. Looking forward for many more miles on this gem. So far I also have a 2005 Optimo Track, 2009 Supersix and 2011 Slice.




United States